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Padraic O’Hora

I describe my work as an interpretation of my environment. It is an examination of public space and consciousness from an artistic position, mixing layers of subjectivity with objectivity. The starting point of my work is focused on historical artefacts in the built environment, from bricks, to decorative features, to old boundary markers, all are remnants from a time past, yet they exist in the present.

Faber Studios

Paula Bourke-Girgis

I make collaged punditries of appropriated cultural psychological baggage, puzzling with the human condition and my lived experience of it. I work quickly and impulsively-preferring to respond to specific environments which I fleetingly or repetitively inhabit.

Dominique Ammann


Pretty/Handsome Studios

From the creative minds of Pretty Boy Browne and Handsome Hanley PrettyHandsome studio combines the DIY aesthetic of screen-printing with inspired musings and doodlings, in a mission to produce the finest t-shirts, designs and prints for your wondering eyes to feast on.So join us on our ventures from humble beginnings to inevitable world domination as we style and inspire the world for our entertainment and your pleasure.

Fergal O'Connor

Offering the viewer an insight into an imaginative world full of whimsical characters and creatures that exist within a charming but often dark universe, The work of Fergal O’ Connor explores the aspects of beauty less seen, the strange, the haunting and the fantastical. A native of County Kerry, he works primarily in pen and watercolours, and is currently based in Dublin.

Alan Ryan Hall

Integrity, originality, commitment and conviction - these qualities shape the vision of the sculptor Alan of Irish extraction has been resident in Valentia since 1975. Born in London 1944, he attended Ealing, Whitechapel and finally for his degree in the late 60’s at the The City & Guilds of London, Fine Art School. He attained his degree together with a Vargus Ayre award, commendations for his portraiture and creative calligraphy.

Danny Ryan

The aesthetic of my work often evokes a duality between it and myself. Its delicate nature versus my own self image. There is an inherent therapy in my process, be it the many hours of sanding it takes to achieve a suitable working surface for painting, or the meticulous, almost mechanical nature of how I draw. There is certainly an undertone of the traditional crafts, my use of leather and raw wood. There is also a primal component while maintaining a strong contemporary relevance

Kit French

Born 1986 Cork, Ireland. Kit studied for three years under the american painter Charles H Cecil, in Florence, Italy. Since returning to Ireland he has been dividing his time between landscape and portrait work , one to influencing the other. He only works from life using distance and the changing light to compose his work. Photographic aids are not used as this would disrupt the dialogue with nature. Kit's paintings are held in a growing number of Private Collections. Niccolo Caracciolo Drawing Award winner. RHA. 2008

Deirdre Curran

I love to paint people and mostly scenes of liveliness where characters are interacting with each other or doing something with passion. For that reason i tend to paint musicians and dancers mostly. I really like the idea that musicians and dancers are creating something that takes on a life of its own and something that will mean something different to everyone who hears and sees it, just like with a painting.

Adrien Sourdot

Adrien Sourdot is a multidisciplinary artist. Trained in acting and theatre, music and fine art painting. He recently became a certified soundpainter and is now running the first ever of its kind in Ireland Galway Soundpainting Orchestra (GSO). GSO is a multidisciplinary ensemble made of musicians, electronic and video artists, dancers, actor and visual artists. Adrien also facilitates soundpainting workshops open to all performing artists in the Galway area.

Tom Henry

Tom returned to photography only two years ago after a long break. A source of Imagery I continually return to is that of the changing colours in our sky-line .In my most recent work, I have been using a small hidden bullet camera it helps me achieve some stunning results when capturing scenes in nature.

Colm McShane

For Kfest 2013 I served as committee member and presented a large scale hand painted college, made up of some 30 individual pieces depicting Human Rights and World Peace a subject matter I'm passionate about. Kfest was a fantastic platform to show my work and the response was inspiring. This year I have chosen to work in the same scale on an historical piece which will focus primarily on the Irish Regiments in the first World War, as 2014 is the 100th year anniversary.

Aoife Drum-Towell

Aoife is a photographer and graphic artist currently based in Dublin. Working with the ethos of creating each visual in-camera, her series 'Exposure' is an unedited examination of the female bodyusing double exposures and an abstracted approach to fine art nude. By revisiting the fundamentals of female representation in imagery, Aoife's black and white photographs display a sensuous, alternative and experimental view of feminine shape and form.

Daire Lynch

Daire is a self taught painter. I work primarily with Oils and Watercolour, focusing on the human face, it’s expressions and emotive qualities. I also create alot of figurative and nude works, I hope to convey a moment of time, a story of the subject in each piece.

Nicole Bartley

Nicole is a self taught portrait artist living in Galway city. Recently graduated from GMIT with a BA in Fine Art. Who specialises in custom portraits of people and animals. She uses watercolour and pencils mainly in her work and enjoys creating fine detailed pieces.

Kate Landers

Kate began painting seriously on returning to live in Kerry in 1999, inspired by the natural beauty and creative influences abounding there. The landscape, local history & diverse plantlife of the area provide much of her subject material. She is largely self-taught, using mainly oils, acrylics and pencil. Her work has featured in many exhibitions in Ireland, in New York & Chicago, and can be found in private collections throughout Europe, as well as in the United States, New Zealand & Australia.

Norah Brennan

Primarily a printmaker Norah has included mixed media paintings and drawings in this collection. These images have evolved from memories of emotion and feelings of time, place and events. Some are half forgotten/remembered. They are seen through the fog of time and heavily influenced by the present. This work has facilitated creative expression and engagement with the world around me. Abstraction allows me to work instinctively, while constraints of the printmaking processes enforce regular introspection and mental redrafting.

Jim McKee

Jim McKee has a story for every painting and each one is important to him. His images are emotional and enthusiastic responses to his surroundings. There is a wonderful spontaneity about his work, as he sculpts with paint while recording and capturing that magical moment that triggered off the response. He is self-taught and is fearless with paint. He has a personal and recognisable style, imbued with life and energy and colour.

Girts Balodis

Transcendence of a memory- symbolic connection with found objects, color, texture that reminds me of old white- washed walls. The heritage, the energy of an old house where generations of families lived and under every layer of white-wash there is evidence of this energy that builds up through the years. Memory of one’s soul and presence rather that physical appearance of a human body that compare to the soul isn't timeless.

Martin Joy

A tattoo artist who likes to paint the darker side of beauty. His paintings capture the beauty of the human face as alternative, haunting and eerie... Martin works out of Metal Urges tattoo studio tralee.

Rita Thompson

A self-taught artist, Rita was born and raised in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. She started painting in oils under the tuition of Kerry artist Diane Lavery. She took up watercolours, but returned to oils in the mid – 1990’s with painter Mark Eldred. In recent years, Rita has painted full-time in her studio near Beaufort, Killorglin. She is a founder member of the “Avenue Artists” in Killarney. She exhibited with the Laune Art Group in Killorglin. She recently completed a workshop in the National Gallery of Ireland, under the renowned artist Sehoko Blake.

FairyLawn Alpaca

FairyLawn Alpaca is an independent producer of hand knit toys and accessories using the finest Peruivan Baby Alpaca & Irish Alpaca. Natural, undyed, Alpaca is also hypoallergenic, 3 times warmer than sheep wool & soft as cashmere. It's ideal for creating my range of quirky, offbeat, comfort characters! All items are hand knit in Kerry.

John Dowling

Ideas are formulated upon encountering everyday stimuli, and are then filtered through one's own obscure rationalisation. This filtering occurs amid the incessant deluge of images we are subjected to from all sides. Once a surface engagement is under way, ideas tend to distort themselves and subvert one another in an array of duels throughout the painting and mark-making process. The encounter with surface both saunters and sprints. Through a ludic (playful) approach, perceptive and resourceful painterly marks emerge involving tension, exuberance and contradiction — us.

Katie O'Donoghue

Katie graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art & Design in 2012. She has exhibited in numerous galleries in Cork city, the Joan Clancy Gallery, Dungarvan, The Killarney Art Gallery and most recently has had a solo exhibition in the 5* Castlemartyr Hotel. Her work forms part of several private and public collections including Cork Institute of Technology.

"My paintings have been inspired by the psychological aspects of identity, the synthesis of sense of place, and Ireland's ancient archeological history."

Lauren Ipsom

Lauren Ipsom is a Dublin based art collective that was established in 2012 by Shota Kotake, Niall Conroy, Brian Carton and Stephen Maguire. The artists combine various media and philosophies in order to formulate a single working identity that generates a body of work which functions independently of its individual members. Utilizing un-used space as a backdrop for artistic interventions the group seeks to facilitate contemporary art outside the established gallery space in an accessible and comprehensive environment.

Jane Jermyn

Jane Jermyn began studying ceramics in her mid 40’s and has been apractising artist for 18 years. Her latest body of work is an amalgamation of various strands that I have been exploring over the past couple of years. These abstract organic forms suggest aspects of the natural world – combining geological and organic references. These come from the hundreds of images of rock surfaces, geological formations and the weathered decay that I have taken. These are a source of continuing inspiration and I see the resulting pieces as a celebration rather than an imitation of nature.

Josephine Kraft

Josephine Kraft spent her early childhood in Killorglin. In the late sixties she received hotel training with the Great Southern Hotels. This allowed her to spend time in both Germany and Switzerland where she met her German husband. Emigrating to South Africa in 1969, Josephine attended the Johannesburg Academy for Arts and Crafts from 1971 to 1973. She spent many years producing beautiful pieces for 'Bauern Malerei." On her return to Europe in 1990, she took to Oil and Acrylic painting on canvas. In 2010 Josephine and her husband returned to Ireland and made their home on the Ring Of Kerry where she spends most of her time in her Studio. Painting on Ceramics gives her great pleasure.

Ann Marie McKee

'729 blocks' is a floor drawing, a series of blocks, laid together as cobbles. It makes us think of knowledge laid flat, data made physical. The combination of blocks changes each time the floor is laid. With web-available knowledge seemingly unlimited, unchannelled, unreviewed and immediately accessible, the making of the floor was a way to slow down and edit digestion of knowledge.The repeated actions of making each block, sanding, sizing, priming and marking became pause points, where one could ask "What do I really need to know?". Anne-Marie McKee is from Northern Ireland and is studying fine art at CCAM, GMIT, Galway.

Joyce McCabe

Joyce McCabe is a local artist and is also a teacher in the Intermediate School Killorglin (ISK). As an artist Joyce designs and hand makes local heritage tweeds with a contemporary twist. Her items include clutches, messenger bags, and accessories.

Katie Higgins

The work of Katie Higgins focuses on life experiences and the emotions and feelings we human’s experience. Working with mixed media and digital media she likes to involve the viewer in her work, allowing her work to share its emotions with the viewer. She likes her audience to experience and feel what she has felt, bringing them into her life’s situation. Katie currently dealing with a family illness, focuses on the things life has put in her path, what she sees, feels and hear. Her everyday life and experiences.

Barbara Glynn

During a BA Degree in Art and Design at GMIT, Sculpture student Barbara Glynn explored working with natural materials such as brambles, leaves, berries and combined these with found materials and objects. The result of which led to a collection of drawings, mold making, plaster casting, and textural designs combined with investigative photography and experiments with digital media.

Marie Hannon & Ramona Burke

Marie Hannon & Ramona Burke are both Fine Art Sculpture graduates of G.M.I.T. and currently members of Artspace Studios in Galway City. They began collaborating in 2013.

Our process is an investigation into the everyday elements that make up the vernacular environment. We use each other’s local landscapes as a point of reference to direct the work. Our collaborative practice centres on the relationships between materials, structure and the domestic in the landscape.

Tom McLean

Tom McLean from Stradbally, Laois is now based in Galway studying Art and Design in CCAM GMIT. As a painter his work is mainly figurative and explores the relationships between people, their inner demons and fictional narrative works that give an insight into dystopian worlds that double as a social commentaries. '' I try to put a a bit of myself into every work i produce, my paintings are a reflection of who i am and how i see the world,i fall in love with the characters i create and it makes them become real to me''

The Forge Clay

The Forge Clay studios are a non-profit professional organization which was established in 2011 to address the lack of facilities and support for contemporary artists working in clay in Galway City. Since then the group has participated in numerous projects, exhibitions & events around the country, including Kfest 2013. Whilst clay is at the core of the Forge's existence, the group have worked in all forms of mixed media, from video & painting to performance art.

Diane Deering

Some years ago, I started painting as a means of therapy. The inaudible healing power of art illustrated to me the great resistance of the human spirit.I found art has given me a more positive outlook on life and I hope to continue to reflect this through the medium of oil painting in particular.

Ethan O'Brien

I'm a third year student in LSAD studying Sculpture and Combined Media. My work revolves around our use of Animals as a resource and highlighting the practices we prefer to look away from or are hidden from us. I use Film to explore this concept, following a tradition of Documentary in the Ciema Verite, Observational style rather than the Grierson, Discovery channel style. Looking behind the scenes into the processes we are kept from.'

Alice Maher

Alice Maher works in many different media including drawing, sculpture, installation and film. She exhibits in Europe and the United States. Her work can be seen in the collections of Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Metropolitain Museum of Art New York, British Museum, Irish Museum of Modern Art, and many more. She lives and works in Ireland.

Killorglin Knitting Group

Killorglin Knitting group are a group who meet once a week to knit, crochet and chat. New members always welcome. Last year the group performed a "yarn bombing" of the library place as well as creating the knitted a car which was displayed in the St. Patrick's Day parade 2014. This year for KFest the group have an even bigger surprise lined up.The group are lovely and inclusive bunch who are well up for the craic but do so much for the community and local charities. New members always welcome.

Brenda Flannery

The work 'Tugging' & 'Drag' is based on ideas of hybridity and identity. It encompasses the idea that our sense of self is based on a mixture of many identities as a result of exposure to an ever changing world and the struggles that arise as a result of this.s welcome.

Audrey McAllister

Originally from Scotland, Audrey McAllister is currently based in Galway. She has been working in the arts or in art therapy for the past twenty years.At present she is studying Fine Art at the Centre for Creative Arts & Media (GMIT) Galway where she is experimenting with oils, mixed media and photo montage.Her influences include Peter Doig, Daniel Richter and Chris Ofili.

Claudia Keegan

In my work I examine the relationship we have with ourselves and those around us. I like to try and understand how I/we have been altered by others words and actions. And the implications that this has in how we view ourselves and how we project ourselves out to the world.

Camden Palace Hotel

Located on the banks of the Lee in the heart of Cork city centre, Camden Palace Hotel has been providing space and facilities to artists since 2009. Incorporating fields as diverse as painting, theatre, dance, film-making, music and photography, to name but a few, Camden Palace Hotel encourages and facilitates creative experimentation, idea sharing and collaboration amongst artists of all disciplines. We aim to encourage creative partnerships and collaboration between, artists, individuals, business, community groups and other public bodies, as well as to promote social inclusion and diversity through actively encouraging access and participation to all.

Mary Pat O'Sullivan

Mary Pat O'Sullivan, origionally from Dublin, has lived in Dook for the last nineteen years. She paints in several different media, at her studio mostly, which is situated beside he home. She Continues to sell many paintings both at hoome and internationally. She considers it a privilege and is deeply grateful to be living in Co. Kerry, surrounded as she is by such diverse beauty and inspiration, whatever the weather!

Martina Cronin

Martina Cronin was born in Caherdanial and has had an on going love of all things maritime. She now resides in Glencar where she continues to create works now inspired by her magical surroundings.

Maeve Lynch

Lynch investigates our psychological and physical definition and perception of our surroundings.

The exhibition 'the twoness of things' will include collaborative site specific installation and individual works by the two artists. The 'twoness of things' explores the ideas of things being themselves and something else at the same time. It looks at the duality of things and how they compound fullness and emptiness, syncronisity and opposition, volume and volatility. Both Lynch and Behal regularly collaborate on curation, publications and arts events.


Sophie Behal

Behal’s work explores negotiable delicate balance of things in this world, the varying flux of matter and the constancy of change.

The exhibition 'the twoness of things' will include collaborative site specific installation and individual works by the two artists. The 'twoness of things' explores the ideas of things being themselves and something else at the same time. It looks at the duality of things and how they compound fullness and emptiness, syncronisity and opposition, volume and volatility. Both Lynch and Behal regularly collaborate on curation, publications and arts events.


Neil Browne

Browne's work is a dark comedic look at the suburban, rural and personal scenes of domestic life. Using model figures and re-appropriating the everyday household appliances and familial hardware, Browne creates dark, sinister, humorous and unnerving setups. The seemingly picturesque and ideal scenes all have dark undertones subverting the toys figurines this collection is made with.

Colin O'Connor

Colin O’Connor's work consists of layering media, which represents memory, to form patterns. This enables me to display my memories in a way that does not make me vulnerable to the viewer. These patterns reveal nothing of the memory but contain all of it.

Caragh Lake National School - 6th Class

The 6th class of Caragh Lake school have spent the past few months designing and creating their own runner. Their inspiration was vast, ranging from family members to art and music. They produced a lot of preliminary sketches which built up to coloured designs. To accompany their designs is a personal story which gives an idea of where their inspiration came from. The children truly enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to seeing their work on display. They would like to thank Mike Ahern for this opportunity and all the time and help his has given them.

Mantala Conde

The community where I am from , inspires me to paint throught their traditional culture dress music and way of life. I move to ireland 15 years ago and fell in love with the magical landscape of Killarney.

Elhaji Conde is my name I was born in Dakar , Senegal (West Africa). I have been drawing since I was in primary school at age of 9 . I'm a self taught artist . Paintng is my part time activity and it something I love to do whatever I'm free. I use both palette knife and brush on my mixed media art .

Tara Donoghue

Since graduating from GMIT, Tara has been working as a Photographer and also as an artist in the area of therapy and mental health in Kerry. Her work is to do with capturing raw feelings and emotion. Preserving and recording moments in time which will later allow the viewer to re live that feeling / time / experience. "I couldn't do that without understanding my subject and shooting them with as much feeling as they have on the issue. Whether it's their Wedding I'm photographing or their children, their sick relative etc. I need to feel what I'm trying to capture. The quote that inspires me is from to kill a mockingbird, "you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it

Clíona Ryan

Clíona Ryan is a student in Art&Design in GMIT. She's a Galway girl who worked in television before deciding to pursue her passion for art. 

Based on the Poetry of Craig Rane, from the recent Amnesty International publication "Grown Men don't Cry" it is my aim to combine both the written and the visual. It mirrors universal themes of grief and loss on a visual landscape. Yet, if we look out beyond the open spaces, the long ramps and the slow stairs there is something indicative about faith in human nature and ultimately after a long journey, the way back.

Killorglin Community College

Killorglin Community College made the decision over six years ago to integrate all forms of the Arts into the curriculum. It's impact has been hugely positive and the students really enjoy the various activities that they get involved in. Many serious issues are raised and addressed through the Arts projects at Killorglin Community College, including bullying, homosexuality and the pressures that teenagers are under today. Interestingly it is the students, not the teachers, who drive the content for most of the Arts activities in the school. We are delighted to be associated with KFest this year. This is our inaugural year but we hope to collaboratively develop this partnership for future years. It is an honour for students of Killorglin Community College to display their works alongside some highly respected established artists.


The Intermediate School Killorglin are proud to introduce Quir-K. An instillation designed by students to be enjoyed by all. This experimental interactive space is an attempt to unite all art forms in a relaxed and fun environment. The students are working closely with their chosen charity Pieta House and this instillation was designed around trying to help raise awareness for the amazing work they do. This promises to be a venue not to be missed where not everything, will quite be as it seem.

Niamh Cosman

My work explores the inner battle human beings have within themselves regardless of ethnicity, global location and identity. I try to find what binds us rather then what separates. We live in a world which is superficially connected and emotionally isolated.

Michael G Kenny

Michael's photography work is frequently published in national & local newspapers/magazines and various other promotional material,earlier this year my pictures of the storm damage in Rossbeigh were used extensively by the online edition of the Spanish newspaper "Zamora News"

Hugo Saloschin

Hugo trained as a portrait painter in Florence at Charles Cecil Studios. He was invited to teach and remained several further years. Since leaving, alongside undertaking portrait commissions, Hugo has devoted much time to landscape painting and regularly travels between Scotland and Europe exploring different subject matter. He has recently returned from a trip to Russia where he had the chance to examing the home country of many painters he considers his inspirations. Hugo only works from life. His paintings hang in private colletions across the UK, Europe and the States.

Mary Leen

My work is driven by the need to tap into the current spiritual awakening that is happening worldwide and to visually express images and ideas to do with the esoteric and mystical. To physically manifest or represent dreams and the subconscious world dealing with subjects like birth, death, magic, physicality, conscious awareness, creation and the connection of humans to the unknown world. I see an infinite well of creativity that exists inside us all. I aim to create beautiful art work that can awaken the viewer’s spirit and inspire those that are on a spiritual journey.

Jean Buyl

Jean Buyl was born (1946*) and raised in Antwerp, Belgium were strict morality reigned and now feels that his through art stems from his early disciplinary years.

After a working accident in 1980 he spends all his time on his two passions painting and sculpture. He studied for seven years at Academia of Antwerp to perfect his drawing and artistic techniques. Ever sense he visited Ireland on a regular basis. It was his dream to live and work there and enjoy nature and the charm of his many Irish friends. Valentia island is the perfect location for an artist who adores painting the sea and the light in all its moods.

His individual interpretation and technique brings emotion and life and life to his works

Mike & Brian Ahern

The Ahern Brothers bring you their installation "Words are all we have".

Robyn Long

Robyn Long is an artist currently studying Sculpture and Combined Media in LSAD. Her work is rooted in the Gothic genre and incorporates aspects of Posthumanism. She works in a range of media including sculpture, installation, drawing, performance and film. 'My work is a process of enquiry with my own body. I have incurred a series of drawing restraints, challenging the movement of my body. I have also made additions to my body, creating an openness to objects, plants and animals. These restraints have led to a distinct series of work. The utensils and drawings, the process and the outcome, are equally important.'

Emma Healy

Exploring notions of excess, bulimic conversations and contrasted with an amputation of form and purging of mass, my work reflects the dark and unforgiving world of eating disorders. Informed by dialogical processes of enquiry I am struck by the stark reality and current trend to "normalise" these disorders in "pro-ana" literature and popular culture. Haunted by how social acceptance and indeed reverence of the anorexic form has led to a nervosa that permeates conversations around beauty, the body and the unattainable, I make objects, forms and performative actions that speak through the materials of binge, of suppression, of fragility and of seduction: Latex, chalk, talcum powder, coco dust, mirror and oxidised metal.

Cira Huwald

Cira Huwald is a German/Irish artist studying Sculpture and combined media at LSAD. Her current work investigates possibilities through video, sound and installataion. Sombre themes and melancholy are emphasised conveying ideas through music and words. A strong connection is made between the visual and sound elements of the work, a mind is lost in thought, a continuous feeling of isolation and loneliness take presence.

Nicole Roche

Nicole Roche is an artist currently studying Sculpture and Combined Media at LSAD. Through her art practice she engages with subject matter related to issues of trauma, abuse, and injustice, focusing specifically on cases perpetrated within Catholic Church-run institutions in Ireland. Through the use of sound, sculpture and materials specific to these institutions, she communicates ideas of the domestic, but strips away all comfort, security and warmth and explores how this can be used to comment on the conditions within Catholic Church-run institutions in Ireland.

Joe De Burca

I am a third year student at LSAD in Limerick studying Sculpture and Combined Media. My work practice is ecologically rooted in environmental issues. I am currently researching the problem of plastic rubbish in our oceans. A huge amount of rubbish is now circling around our oceans often referred to as gyre's.

Aileen Nix

Aileen Nix is an artist currently studying Sculpture and Combined Media at LSAD. Her work is a representation of individual and personal reality, which talks about how her hidden identity was shaped around overwhelming feelings of living with undiagnosed dyslexia. "My practice focuses on the central idea of the ability to understand and to be understood". Her aim is to create an environment that transports the viewer into a way of understanding, engaging the viewer in her struggles and subjecting them to her experience through her work.

Mihaela Lynch

A student at LSAD in Limerick studying Sculpture and Combined Media. Mihaela used broken mirrors and her idea for them was her interest of positioning the mirrors in a certain way that it makes the objects  double in appearance, she wanted to play with this idea and make the viewer fall for a different perception, leading the viewers eye into something that actually isn't there.

Tricia O'Connor

Tricia O' Connor is a practicing artist from Tralee, Co.Kerry.  She has a B.A in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design, and an M.A in Social Practice and the Creative Environment from L.I.T. Tricia O' Connor co runs Pause Play Collective with the Artist, Designer and Vintage shop owner Dominique Ammann.

Tricia O' Connor has been inspired by intuitive knowledge gained through her work as an energy therapist. 

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